History of Istanbul and its surroundings. Details of Constantinople and Byzantium! Around 660 BC, the city was founded by Greek settlers as a colony. The geographically convenient location on the Bosporus, the town quickly became an important trading centre. 513 BC the town was conquered by the Persian King Darius. Konstantin I. 324 after BC that Western and Eastern Roman Empire United again, he christened the capital of Nova Roma, but the city was known under the name of Constantinople.

Especially among the last great Roman Emperor Justinian I reached the city to honour and glory and was gorgeous. At this time, the Roman Empire already under control was Germanic tribes and thus, Constantinople was the last glorious ancient city. Among other things, the Haghia Sophia was built at this time, which may be used as Church and today as a mosque. The former City Byzantium remained the center of the Byzantine Empire during the middle ages and has long been sinking for Istanbul started with distance 1203 a.d. richest and largest city Europas.Der as Crusaders the city conquered and plundered and many art treasures of inestimable value were lost. The city was reconquered by the Byzantine Empire though, but never recovered from the destruction and 1453 a.d.

by Ottoman forces under Sultan Mehmed II was thus besieged and finally captured. The city was embellished by new palaces, towers and bridges over the centuries by the Ottomans and became the capital of the great Ottoman Empire. The weaknesses of the Ottoman army in the Balkan wars of 1912 and 1913 led to the gradual decline of the Empire. After the first world war, where the Ottoman Empire was one of the losers powers together with the German Empire, the Ottoman Empire disintegrated quickly. The Ottoman Empire had to give up large areas of colonial powers. Under Mustafa Kemal, known as Ataturk began the Turkish wars of liberation. Istanbul affiliated but lost the seat of Government of the modern Turkey at Ankara, because the new Government of the traditions of the Ottomans wanted to differentiate themselves. The city Nevertheless kept its economic and cultural supremacy in Turkey. Especially in the last few years were gigantic building projects, but can not keep up with rapid population growth. More info on Istanbul on Stefan Mairegger

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