Trading Apartments

Posted October 5th, 2019 by Suzy

You can generally return to the practice of distributing apartments for free, as was the case in previous pre-capitalist times. True, I would like to recall that at one time Moscow authorities have also announced ceiling figures on the Moscow real estate and then in Moscow real estate market in general rose. It turns out that in other regions, too, can come to such a situation. Who needs it? Today, in many regions of virtually no laid for new construction and if something is dealt, the construction of these houses was begun in the good years 2007-2008. So that the percentage of housing a high degree of preparedness by region miserable. Today, builders are basically work by co-investors and bank loans.

Most often, they are thinking not about profit, and new sites, and how to finish the initiated sites and pay to citizens and creditors. In this situation, the beginning of summer, people wait gain, nervous. Naturally, everyone would like to improve their living conditions around the following scheme: to sell their 'old' apartments at high prices, and buy a new cheap. But it seems hardly possible again. Sell the old house today is more complicated. Enough to see ads in order to understand – the housing market crowded with such proposals of this kind. And buy a new one will not work for another reason. Because building there is little, and thus new housing will soon be a large deficit.

Obtained if we speculate that there will be a year or two, you can see the next picture. The financial crisis is still finished and people will return to the search new modern housing. And it will be apparent deficit. Naturally, prices for new housing will take off. The deficit, he is a deficit. The gap in price between a large number of old housing and a small number of new, the same naturally increase. And the increase may be at times, so those who think seriously about a new apartment, we can recommend to address this issue without delay. Perhaps to draw attention to a tool such as Trade-in apartments. By analogy with the car, when invited to an old apartment used to offset the new one. The main difference between this scheme from the normal purchase and sale transactions in the fact that the realtor involved in it with their money, resulting in no occurs long chains. You do not have to wait until the chain will close – just a real estate agent buys an apartment in one hand and sells it to the second side. This measure allows us to simplify the situation – wanting to buy a new home is not have to wait for a buyer for his apartment, which ultimately should increase consumer demand.

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