Timecontrolled Run Programs

Posted February 28th, 2021 by Suzy

Time-controlled run programs with Aborange Scheduler 2.50 at everyday work on the PC in addition to the activities for the “actually” putting him regularly unproductive but nevertheless very important tasks (E.g. write emails, word processing, data management, image editing), are. Examples include the creation of backups, performing Virenscanns, disk scans, defragmenting the hard drive or the search for updates or patches for installed software. These recurring tasks take much time on the duration or go only too gladly totally forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially with backups or Virenscanns, this can be very annoying and expensive in the case of data loss. Because recurring tasks, it is of course, to automate these tasks and to do so in the future automatically in the background. Here the free tool is recommended Scheduler, from Orange which these days in the version 2.50 has been published.

The freeware can be a variety of Timed tasks (tasks) automatically run and convinced by its comfortable user interface as well as its versatility. After few clicks your tasks defined only once and set the execution frequency, cares the employees in the background software to the timely execution and allows you to take care of the really important things. Among the possible tasks: launching applications the call from Internet sites these tasks can call documents automatically or to prompt will be made at the following times or at intervals following: multiple per day (every x minutes) daily (every x days) weekly (every x weeks on any day of the week), monthly (on the n-th day of the month, the y-th day of the month or the last day of the month) once after the Windows logon before of the Windows logoff should the calculator to the planned Period once not start be so retroactively runs the task if necessary. This ensures that she do not forget is. The Aborange Scheduler can drive almost any software, the manufacturer offers as a complement but with the synchronization software Synchronizer and backup tools BackToZIP and BackToFile to tailored software solutions for data synchronization and data backup.

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