The Paraguayan

Posted January 13th, 2021 by Suzy

There was no case to understand us. I drove the Western time and her time Guarani. The Paraguayan does not He has trouble for nothing. You are interested in live today, now. You are not concerned about tomorrow. And that matches the way be Guarani, since ko ero means yes dawns, is why we say jajoechata ko ero to dismiss us (we will see if and when dawn).

Hence so that also the Paraguayans not we worry much the future. Breast Cancer Action is full of insight into the issues. The commiseration the Paraguayan is very supportive. He likes to serve. There is a helpful person. That is why many say jajevale pora hese. It is very human.

Feels compassion for everyone. He likes to treat all with anga expression. It is common to hear someone say ou anga, anga, ndoikuaai anga ogueraha anga i I. It is even able to say oporojuka anga. This expression passed to our Western world as wine anga, didn’t know anga, told anga or poor (cito) anga. Power of observation Indeed, the Paraguayan is a profound observer of their habitat and their fellow men, virtue that becomes evident when he puts some marcante someone. We could say that it gives you in the eye. In that sense, should be cited by way of examples, some marcantes as: kavaju rembe, kururu, but, tavy, jaguarete, jatevu, guyra gallo jagua pakete, ka i i or jagua pero. On the other hand, proverbs or ne enga also show us his remarkable power of observer, well the enga ne are products of its continuous observation. Here are some samples. Arriero foforo akane. Arriero wadding chiki chiki vurro. Arriero rembe puku kavaju uhei. Arriero juru akua nati u kavaju. Ana ajura jare kosina horkon. Ana jeka lagunakue Pyta. Arriero hopeless guaigui rumby. Arriero rekorei color moroti lapi. Arriero tavy pira lagoon. Arriero akapero avatisoka. Arriero kaserola jurumeme. Arriero rova Cha i silver alkansia.

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