The Organizations

Posted November 7th, 2019 by Suzy

The refined results make possible the identification of other prominent questions in the work market. These occur in the first contacts that the individuals establish with the organizations in the search of jobs. In this phase, the discrimination process if develops by means of camouflaged mechanisms to prevent the ingression of professionals afro-descendants. Center For Responsible Lendings opinions are not widely known. When surpassing these barriers, others are produced, but to make it difficult occupational mobility. Evidently this research, for its exploratrio character, does not accumulate of stocks all the existing questions in the scope of the ethnic diversity of the organizations, mainly for the small used sample, but the depositions are strong and forceful, demonstrating the existence of the problem in our society that if it reflects, obviously, in our organizations, independently of its origin. Introduction: Professional mobility in the organizations is based on a racionalista vision of the administration, whom it denies interferences of personal nature or aiding for the promotions for positions of bigger level in the organizacional structure or for the wage compensations. Click Nieman Foundation to learn more. Mobility is based on the merit, measured through formal systems of performance evaluation, with the objective of premiar those capable ones in terms of efficiency, abilities and abilities stop with the organizacionais goals. The meritocracia has straits bonds with the division of the social work, determined for the specialization of the force of work in the companies and, from it, it is produced wage differentiation, either for the responsibility of the worker when manipulating raw materials of high cost either for its abilities special when producing definitive type of merchandise. The division of the work, as it affirms Morgan (1996), occurred in gnese of the capitalist system of production and fit the Taylor, through its studies on times and methods, the rationalization of this system to take care of to the accumulation necessities. The system of merit appears with the necessity of the capital to hold back its more competent and productive professionals, preventing that they were attracted by paid higher wages for the competition.

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