The Organization

Posted February 17th, 2021 by Suzy

We opt to presenting the cited work explicitado in four item important, but that the situation and context of subsequentes research can in accordance with be developed. First the thematic one deals with the functions of pedagogo pertaining to school as half to favor the good course of the pedagogical work in the school, including the action of accompaniment as worthy of bigger agreement and intervention on the part of the educators and of collective form; as the subject works the planning of education in the context of register in the daily one of classroom, in order to favor the organization of the pedagogical work as a whole in the scope of its efetivao next to the global plan of the school; the third subject turns on the importance to value the pertaining to school memory as form of guarantee for other space-times of learning that are not currently lived deeply, but that they can contribute positively for the development of the institution; the room subject deals with the pertaining to school evaluation and as this is registered and explicitada in daily of classroom, searching consolidating ways for one better choice of evaluation instruments knowledge on the functions of the evaluation in the pertaining to school income of the educandos. 1.O Pedagogo, its functions supervisor and person who orientates versus daily of classroom: accompaniment or only verification? Much has been said regarding planning and even though of evaluation in the pertaining to school scope and the system of education as a whole, however questions as coordination, execution and accompaniment of the developed pedagogical work main for the professors in classroom still little are debated the educational scene. Who carries through technique, human being and politicosocially this work next to the professors is pedagogo. The society politics, in its set, having elaborated half propitious for ' ' implementao' ' of actions directed toward the formation of the pedagogos, exactly with the movements of base for curricular changes in the courses of Pedagogia not yet it has clarified to the civil society specifically on daily making of this professional inside of the school, leaving it the edge of properly pedagogical functions and entering it tasks of bureaucratic and current matrix.

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