The Muscles

Posted February 3rd, 2021 by Suzy

So, it is a fallacy to think that back pain come suddenly or that there is enough to treat the pain and other symptoms. A mistake is also to argue that the immediate activity before the pain would be its cause. It is wrong but also that which thinks, there is no way out, you should just learn to live with the pain. The myths include opinions as Dr. Otto: “I was just at the procession when I verhob my back. Since I had no pain, that must be blame it.” Too much, too little, or too slowly the author referred to these three apparitions as “hidden causes of any back pain”.

For example, he calls much bodybuilding – which muscles are shorter, inflexible, and less elastic and back pain are inevitable-, too little exercise, to little stress relief, to little water and little stretch. All of this can cause a too slow with reduced energy, slowing blood flow and thus muscle and back pain, emphasizes Dr. Otto. Make it also a sensory overload and constant suggestions hard to relax – with the result that the muscles get too little oxygen and slows the circulation. ultimately, preparing the ground for upcoming errors or pain. The tug of war in the body work muscles in pairs. Thus one himself before and move back or to the side can, needs every muscle muscle of a partner, who works opposite. Unfortunately we tend or are professionally compelled to use our physical strength much.

Partly they are stronger and stronger, partly but weaker. Lack of stretching and unbalanced load are one reason why we lose flexibility. Bend and stretch, stretch and bend the balance is ideally, because every muscle that must remain long in a shortened position and is stretched enough, tends to shorten. The result is that the unbalanced forces pull the spine, hip and other joints out of balance and subtly turning the natural curve of the spine.

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