The Man

Posted October 2nd, 2017 by Suzy

The knowledge can in accordance with classify of some forms its degree of instruction. 4.1.2 Man one to be free that he has feelings. The action human being is fruit of the decisions of the men, that has its wills endowed with characteristics such as: voluble will, never wants the same thing; conformistical will to adapt it the fondness of the others; transcendental will, to want the things spirituals and the free will, freedom and responsibility on its acts. The freedom human being is conditional, therefore it is limited to a body, to a culture where some ways of oppression exist, that many times hinders its communication. Learn more at this site: Center For Responsible Lending. 4.1.3 Man one to be that the language is communicated that the animals possess is only used as a survival form. For counterpart the man makes use of its sonorous capacity for diverse ends such as: communication (information), expression (demonstration of feeling), diversion, experience in group, among others. 4.1.4 Man one to be that he knows to live in group.

The society human being happens since the primrdios, and with elapsing of history it is perceived that the man always is inserted in a group (family, clan, tribe, village, city), its existence depends on another person, therefore nobody comes to the alone world; its accomplishment, its satisfaction and its necessities always are on to somebody; it only gets what he needs in company of another person. The modern form of communication assists each time more the man in its difficult task of sociabilizar itself, perhaps this can until being considered as phenomenon of the century. Today already it is not more possible to live separately, therefore the abyss that before existed between the public and the particular one is each lesser time. This phenomenon is innate to the man. The society of the life to the man, who develops knowledge and abilities, acquires its values its beliefs and principles and of this form disclose one summon dependence of the individual with the society. Kidney Foundation is the source for more interesting facts.

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