The Liberation

Posted September 27th, 2013 by Suzy

Begins you to enter a sort of ecstasy to see that his army is once again an army of truth, of as rebukes to his communications officer not inform it anything with phrases like: why demons not be informed me of anything?, you more that report seems to censure military, of as you want to find out about the activities of this unit through radio ignoring the problems with the ionosphere, of as says to his servants getting breakfast or gifts that come from Paris because there are more important things in their noses as the try to find out the radio of the activity of this unit. He finally decides to go to that town that will be soon released loaded with a box of medals. With all this we already have all the ingredients. On the one hand some soldiers who care about a radish this war because they understand that they have not produced it and also suffer from the neglect of his own army. These soldiers convecen a German soldier that contribute to the achievement of the loot, so it not only they release a French people from the nazi yoke, but that also release the mentality of this German soldier which was influenced by nazi propaganda. We also have the General of the American high command which is rather naive to think in the romanticism of the wars and not be aware that if your troop moves is by a material incentive. And finally we have the mannered officers surrounding this general, which are arranged in the bureaucracy.This film shows us that the liberation of a territory of a totalitarian regime is not for altruistic reasons but for a material interest. What was said before, who thinks there are reasons related to romanticism in the wars is that it is naive.

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