The Legislative

Posted May 23rd, 2019 by Suzy

It does not have Polices that it obtains finally of time to the organized crime, mainly with as many ramifications as it denotes to have. It is necessary that if it makes a great work of awareness, patience, perseverance, intelligence and if cut all the evil for the root. When we speak in cutting the evil for the root, means to cut to the proper meat in all the state instances where corruption of support to the traffic will be proven, of support to the organized crime. It means to inside cut the meat of the Policy when effectively if to prove that the Policeman of the covering to the traffic of drugs or weapons, means to cut the meat in To be able them to all public when she will have proven linking of employees with the traffic in general, that the rows of the organized crime had been corrupted and thicken. Gavin Baker is often quoted on this topic. For this we need more rigid Laws, of faster, agile procedures Judicial, less bureaucratic and unprovided of as many resources. See more detailed opinions by reading what PCRM offers on the topic.. We need to extirpar of time of the public Power all the comprovadamente corrupt employees and that they give support with its parcels of contribution for the reinforcement of the organized crime. We need to purge and to punish with more frequency and easiness such travestidos delinquents of public officers. The Legislative one must be acquired knowledge, must be engaged in this fight against the traffic, against the organized crime.

Laws special must be created to become the employee publish corrupt more vulnerable to the punishments after carried through due process of law of agile forms. The happened crimes of less bureaucratic the state corruption must be dealt with special way and. Many of the corrupt employees are exclusos of its positions and finish coming back to the State in result them malleable laws, of the great amount of existing resources in the Judiciary one, them administrative or police procedures for times badly made e, at last on account of all this existing bureaucracy in our Legal-administrative order.

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