The Lake

Posted June 12th, 2020 by Suzy

It was a great place to live, except for one problem: the village lacked water unless rain. To settle this problem once and for all, the elders of the village decided to submit to tender the contract to supply water to the village on a daily basis. Two people volunteered to carry out the task and the elderly gave the contract to both.They considered that a little competition would keep prices low and would ensure an endorsement to the water supply. The first two winners of the contract, Ed, was released immediately, returned with two buckets of galvanized steel and began acorrer of ida and back along the trail to the Lake that was a mile away. Ed began to earn money immediately to work from morning until night hauling water from the Lake at its two buckets. He would empty them in a large concrete tank that the village had been built, each morning I had to get up before the other inhabitants to make quehabria sufficient water when they wanted it. It was a hard job, but he was very happy because it was making money and because he had one of two exclusive contracts for this business. The second winner of the contract, Bill, disappeared for some time.

Did you for several months, making it very happy for Ed since it had no jurisdiction. ED was making all the money. Instead of buying two buckets to compete with Ed, Bill had a written business plan, created a corporation, found four investors, hired a President to do the job, and returned six months later with a group of construction workers. After a year his team had built a stainless steel pipe of large volume which connected the village with Lake aa, during the Grand opening ceremony, Bill announced that its water was cleaner than the Ed, Bill knew that had been complaints that Ed water was dirty.

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