The Ground

Posted September 9th, 2020 by Suzy

After hours of road, his exhausted body faltered. The wounds were beginning to paralyze his body, especially that of his leg. At a time when worried about have been lost, but to find a pair of Roman soldiers and a dead horse knew that it remained the indicated path. When his body faded precipitously falling on the ground by tiredness, he knew he could not more, it had reached the limit. The first rays of Sun were coming out on the horizon. Luckily, third found a few leafy shrubs where to hide and rest. After laying in the shade under the branches, he slept at the moment. Between dreams I could hear the hooves of the horses, the screaming and metal, he could not forget the violence of the battle, but I change something, dread and the fire were subsequently poured over a great city until only a few ashes.

This terrible scene suddenly awoke to third. Rome in flames? As a Roman, third was very superstitious, so your sleep disturbed him. This indicated that the end of this war would be under a cloak of blood and total destruction. After eating a few rolls that had continued their way. The atmosphere was quiet, too quiet, everything indicated that third would seamlessly to If destination, until something has been lodged. Click Randall Mays to learn more. It was a group of men, many of them horsemen. He tried to approach unless they saw him to identify them.

If there was no doubt, they were Roman troops, probably taking a break. Third could finally breathe with relief. When the soldiers noticed that someone came, rose to help him but they were arrested with a warrant. Third believed that it was a precaution, since they should make sure that he was not a spy. However, great was the surprise when he saw another group behind them that he went to look for him.

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