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Posted October 1st, 2015 by Suzy

Furthermore, an insurer can offer different and complementary options. These are tied mostly at criteria, such as the posting abroad or the like. Can I also change if it is not in the plan? At some companies, the change or the options not in the collective work is anchored.

Here the insurer offers additional functions, so that such tariff switching in the contract must be considered. Usually this option rates can not be completed. Such a module is the collective Joker of Halle. Read how exactly this works, in my post “Halle with improvements the OK option prices and Joker”. The plan is such a module futura of the German ring. This offers a change of tariffs under the following conditions: as far as a change in a rate of product lines of classic, ESPRIT and comfort the benefits are higher or comprehensive as in the previous tariff, the German ring to the below specified dates waives a) a health examination and extent also on b) an exclusion for the additional services, as well as c) an additional waiting period. (d) with respect to already occurred insured events the full tariff services are provided for treatment times after execution of the tariff change. Performance exclusions may be agreed in the previous plan, risk premiums or latency transmitted a change on the new tariff.

However, the percentage remains The relationship between risk and collective contribution unchanged. The simplified tariff change is possible to 1 January immediately after the first, second, third, fourth and fifth year of insurance. To exercise the tariff change option, it is sufficient if the submitted three months before the desired date of conversion. Conclusion: No matter what reasons you decide for a tariff, note the important selection criteria for private health insurance in any case and deal precisely with the collective work. An insurance coverage in the private hospital ER Backup (PKV) is typically over several decades and should thus also be changed over the period and adjust its. Therefore, options are essential.

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