The Foundation

Posted April 18th, 2020 by Suzy

Each seller must have mastered at least two professions: the professional qualifications in the industry and be a professional Communicator. In addition, it must be entrepreneurs within the company and have a perfect self management. Successful sellers are not born but. As also for competitive sports, a certain percentage is talent”necessary to be the best. And like power sports, individual seller will belong only to the best, he trained regularly, he is working on his attitudes, behaviors and his knowledge. Successful seller educate themselves and continuously.

A form of continuing vocational training is the training as a specialist clerk for distribution. The COACTIVE GmbH in Kassel training salespeople of different consulting-intensive industries now in Kassel, Frankfurt and Konstanz. She promises that the participants can dominate the hand tool of successful key account manager and apply after their training in sales. Certified specialist merchant sales “sales managers and recruiters can look for assessment and for the training of the vendors on the following areas, among others. the training includes the deutschalndweit recognised degree Identification with the own task task own with > ability to focus SOLVENCY on the essential to essential that focus on > empathy ability SOLVENCY > ability and the willingness to win new customers and SOLVENCY to win customers the new willingness and > communicative skills in customer value propositions to customers benefit argumentation reference in may > complete security, strategic negotiation, safety negotiate security if you have concerns, if you have concerns, strategic > Behavior with complaints for complaints > time management ability to build networks, use and recommendations to maintain SOLVENCY to and receive recommendations use to build networks > business knowledge, to understand, to locate the customer’s problems and to solve the complex concerns of customers. Selling is active, creative, creative, and productive.

Sell serves the customers. Only what the customer, the customer will buy and will use the seller so indefinitely. The aim of the company to increase sales and profit, will be achieved in the long term only if the concerns of customers through services offered. You must want to sell. You must do a benefit its customers with passion. And this is only possible, if the seller knows what holds it and his company with its products and services for a distinctive added value for its customers. Despite all the changes, one remains as it is: the identification with the own activity is the Foundation for success in the Sales.

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