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Posted July 27th, 2020 by Suzy

The elaboration for the selected texts involves questions on the domnios of the reading: Localization and recovery of information: (where the readers in such a way need to search and to recoup explicit information in the text); Understanding and interpretation (where the readers in such a way need to relate and to integrate segments of the text as to deduce implicit information); Reflection: (where the readers construct arguments to evaluate and to judge the ideas of the text). From the construction of a matrix where he is possible to relate the discursiva sphere and the sort the one that belong the selected texts to the domnios of reading that they will be evaluated as in the example presented in the picture below. Picture 2 Model of possible matrix of specification for elaboration of instrument of disgnostic evaluation of reading SPHERES DISCURSIVAS/SORTS OF TEXTODOMNIOS OF Literary READING (fbula) 1? Localization and recovery of information; 2? Understanding and interpretation; 3? Pertaining to school reflection/scientific Spreading (Stretch of unit of didactic book) 4? Localization and recovery of information; 5? Understanding and interpretation; 6? Journalistic reflection (graphical) 7? Localization and recovery of information; 8? Understanding and interpretation 9? Reflection (the sorts selected in each discursiva sphere are mere suggestions) the practical one of the reading? What they like to read? For example: comicses. What it can serve for stimulaton? How to stimulate the pupil to read romances or biographies? How to defy it? This nor always is an easy task. It is probable that good part of the pupils, especially the boys, already they have had contact, or still they have, for comicses, for example. Perhaps the comics in itself does not bring great intellectual contribution for the remaining portion of the life of the pupil, to help it if to become a better person. However, joining the interest of the pupil in reading some thing, despite it is a comics, more the intelligence and professional wit of the professor, is capable it pupil to be instigated to advance some steps more. .

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