The Call

Posted July 13th, 2020 by Suzy

While my partner and I confirmed the call with our superiors, the attacker entered the building where we were. It was obvious he was drunk and shouting racial insults and demanding satisfaction before the start of a war "real." For the smell of it, had been drinking heavily and all the whiskey. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Institute of Cancer Research. His clothes showed signs of a struggle and now I was not sure if it faces an aggressor or the victim of an assault. He immediately tried to calm the person and find out the problem. As I was doing this, several soldiers, including the command duty officer entered the building and engaged. The belligerent soldier was happening with their racial attacks and how he was attacked by what he thought were his friends.

It was then turned his attention to me and started implying that I had experience in martial arts and "did not have to prove himself to anyone." During this, and later after interviewing witnesses, found that the individual had been tested for their black belt in martial arts other that day and went to the "celebration" with his friends. The witnesses testified that the more intoxicated he became, the more he began to "assume" their friends attended the blows and kicks. Eventually, his friends had had enough, and then tried to stop bad behavior by pushing him away and left him behind. This just made it more "fun" time when he jumped to his friends the result of dropping it. This was what finally angry enough to pursue the barracks and begin to attack others. .

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