Build-A-bear workshop provides colourful programme on the TOGGO tour 2012 mascot NAWAF to the Selbarmachen in Hamburg. The starting shot for the TOGGO tour by SUPER RTL has fallen: until 26 August, the popular kids channel by all Germany travels. The tents for great children’s parties are pitched at ten sites. This year with part of the game: The bear makers of build-A-bear workshop! Waiting for the adventure tent where you can bring his individual stuffed animal to life, with a very special surprise for the small SUPER RTL fans: here also NAWAF, the cuddly mascot of this preschool programme, can be exclusively homemade. Here, the bear rocks: Glitzertattoos, fun games and Beary Raffles for all children build-A-Bear Workshop offers a varied entertainment programme.

At the big bear tour competition there is to win an iPad and bears do it yourself in the value of 50. More 30-Euro vouchers by the wave in hourly raffles and the guessing game treasures?” Bear makers. Tatz-Glitzertattoos and funny feel and quizzes make the visit at the build-A-bear workshop action tent to the BRsonderen kind of experience! The timetable of the TOGGO tour: Kassel, City Festival, 26-27 may in Leipzig, town festival, 2nd 3rd June Erfurt, Kramer Bridge Festival, 16-17 June in Wilhelmshaven, weekend at the jade, 30.06 01.07 Luneburg, children’s Festival, 07-08 July Heilbronn, children’s Festival, 14-15 July Saarbrucken, Saar spectacle, 04-05 August Cologne Gamescom Festival, 17-19 August Potsdam, your own event, August 25-26 best friend do it yourself when the bear makers are large and small stuffed animal lovers do their individual best friend yourself. In 18 stores throughout Germany guests under the loving guidance of choose their favorites and select skin, voice and filling for him. Then, they give an own small heart for their new cuddly companion for life.

Unclothed no stuffed animal must go home: from the CAP to the rubber boots are available a colorful collection. One Birth certificate completes the unforgettable experience for young and old. About bear maker GmbH bear Wagner GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg Holding AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the bear makers A unique and emotional shopping concept behind their build-A-bear workshop brand: in the stores, bear lovers of all ages at seven stations make her personal toy. The parent company of build-A-bear workshop, Inc. has its origins in the United States; 1997 opened under nehmensgrunderin Maxine Clark in St. Louis the first shop. Currently, the company operates more than 400 stores. The first build-A-bear workshop in Germany opened in the fall of 2006. Today, there are stores in Berlin, Braunschweig, Bremen, Dortmund, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hamelin, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Leverkusen, Munich, Neuss/Dusseldorf and Oberhausen. Since spring 2010, the Germany business under the name changed its name the bear maker GmbH. For more information see / press Press contact: Ilana Schmidtke bear Wagner GmbH, Theodor-Strasse 42-90, 22761 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 391 06 96 26, fax: 040 / 391 06 96 66, E-mail:

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