The Ability

Posted November 4th, 2015 by Suzy

Remember, campers – it's vile! 20 – At the first ability to create a clan. Clan game – a team game. Alone, nothing can be achieved. And together, too. Only in the clan, where serious approach to the development of command tactics, you can actually claim to good results. It is possible that your first clan will 'lamerskim', but in any case, it is much better than what can 'maverick'. 21 – If the water is ankle-deep, it's pretty good muffles footsteps.

If the knee, the soldier is to lie on my stomach and crawl. Of course, the rate decreases in 10 times, but Chen is convenient in this simple way off from the corner and destroy your rv. If the water to the waist, then squat above you will not see you as an observer perfectly see. If the water is above the waist, and then we can swim. A good swimmer with a knife can udelat under water the whole crowd. Unfortunately, the maps, where you really need the ability to swim, now is not enough.

But still work out. 22 – If your style – sit corner with a shotgun, then cut in speakers or headphones are better than the maximum. After several hours of training you will be able to understand everything that happens on your half of the level. Remember, it's vile! If on the contrary – fiercely hate any '', often at push Shift (by default) and throw grenades Using sounds that can be done fairly iteresnye maneuvers.

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