That Is A Lucid Dreams

Posted November 3rd, 2020 by Suzy

A lucid dream is that kind of dream in which the dreamer realizes much of that is dreaming. I.e. the dreamer is awake in their consciousness, although not in his physical body. This realization, know or realize, allows us to act deliberately in our dreams, with the confidence of knowing that anything can happen us since we’re dreaming. Go to Starsky Wilson for more information. For this reason it is that they are also known as conscious dreams.We usually pass through life without questioning us about the nature of reality that we experience, and mechanically react according to our conditions prior to the challenges presented to us.

During the night when we sleep and dream, we continue with this routine and we react to events and objects as if they were absolutely real, oneiric losing us the opportunity to enjoy and explore the full potential of the world of dreams with complete freedom. Through concentration and attention, it is possible to change these patterns, to live our dreams fully awake, realizing that we are dreaming while we do it. The feeling of this awakening is impossible to describe, have to live it. The possibilities that are opened are enormous, and the potential to grow and enrich our lives is of enormous value, as we will see later. This is not an esoteric fantasy nor a form of visualization or imagery that is mistaken for a dream; as we’ll see in the articles on the site, it is a reality proven by science, a phenomenon, which although is considered something paradoxical already even stranger for scientists, has been demonstrated in sleep laboratories. If you want to know more lucid dreams, and if you have something to contribute, we invite you to visit: original author and source of the article

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