Technical Regulations

Posted December 11th, 2011 by Suzy

Certificate of conformity with technical regulations or the certificate of conformity GOST R is the difference and the differences? The certificate of conformity in this case the most correct his name will be certified conformity with technical regulations, but also the traditional current practice of the certificate referred to as a certificate of quality, custom certificate, the certificate GOST R, etc. The certificate of conformity GOST R also has not been canceled for two reasons: Well, first of all, as long as not in force or that technical regulations, then the products, goods or materials are subject to certification in the GOST R system, but even if such technical regulations come into force as technical regulations for machinery and equipment, it does not mean that you can not obtain a certificate of GOST P, of course you can but only the certificate is of course voluntary and at the same time you will have to still receive a certificate of compliance Technical Regulations. Now the definition, as before, in principle, nothing especially not changed in the certification process, and without going into technical details, in this case can be noted three significant changes to the certificate of conformity of technical regulations in relation to certificate of conformity GOST R: The first improvement concerns the fact that the course now that a document issued under the rules of certification confirms that the equipment, products, technical regulations, instead of the previously existing standards (GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEC, ISO, etc.), the second improvement concerns the same course the appearance of the certificate, its color and structure of the filling of course Number of required applications and Finally, the third major change is the time of issue, namely the validity of the certificate is now 5 years for commercial production of goods instead of the previous three years as it was earlier in the issuance of certificates of conformity GOST R But just as before in addition to serial certification are allowed to issue certificates to the party (contract, invoice)..

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