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July 12th, 2020

Hello, dear readers! In the article it will, of course, not a physical phenomenon, but about the game with the same name. Singularity. You throw on the Soviet island, where previously settled Research Center 'Katorga-12'. Round temporary faults due to a powerful explosion of this singularity. Wandering through the dark corridors, we often encounter the […]


November 6th, 2019

Quietly, steadily, without upheavals and revolutions, Warcraft 3, and later add-Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, took the charts a few let.Moglo it be otherwise, because the world Warcraft – is the same legend as the world C & C, Diablo, or For example, doom. It is easy to say now, after the fact, when popularity has […]


January 10th, 2012

Pre-Start-Routinen tie the character up to 24 hours to one place and prevent the player accidentally slipped past the character, as one example, as time sleeping. For such cases, should be a rationale (for example, guards at the gate). In our case, we made the choice in favor of the Pre-Start-Routinen: Since the forest is […]

Internet Messenger

June 23rd, 2011

Interested in icq? Download this handy for communication of program you can directly on our website! Download icq – which means to join the hundreds of millions of users of this program, get a great chance to conveniently communicate with friends from all over the world and stay in touch. There are different types of […]


June 22nd, 2011

World of Tanks (The world of tanks") – is a massively multiplayer online game entirely dedicated to the armored vehicles the middle of xx century. Players will be able to fight shoulder to shoulder with fans from all steel giants corners of the globe, defending their claims to world domination tank. This project started on […]