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Speakers excellence is expanding – new from 01.06.2008 in Austria is soon with its own branch in the present leader of speakers agencies from 01.06.2008 speakers excellence is new in Austria expanding speakers excellence, the leading speakers Agency in the German-speaking Austria. The Stuttgart-born company provides top speakers, keynote speakers, trainers, and coaches for corporate […]

Migrants, integration, training, business associations, trade Chamber day, administration for the second time will take place end of May 2008 (May 24-31, 2008) the week of the training for people with a migration background. During this week, migrants can inform about opportunities, professional further training. Also migrant organisations are asked private companies, public authorities, business […]

Humanity Germany

October 24th, 2017

Christopher Peterka is Chairman of the Board at Habitat for humanity Germany Cologne, 05.12.2011. The Board of Habitat for humanity at the 21.11.2011 chose Christopher Peterka unanimously as Chairman of the Honorary Board. The with entry in the register of associations on September 29, 2011 in force new statute a substantial structural change provides: Habitat […]