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youedu.TV, Germany’s first training video-community, is gone at the start. Instead of learning from books to pick up and to work out the user enjoy each other with self shot videoclips which already recycled knowledge from all walks of life will teach. These are for example with his own video camera recorded or composed of […]

Work World Internship

July 5th, 2019

Experience report of interns at the IT services provider NetSys.IT a report on an internship of Mrs Madushani Ilmenauer software company and IT service provider and NetSys.IT experience. The impressions of a young woman in the transition from school to work. Following her studies woman Munchow had to supplement the desire of their theoretical knowledge […]

Inclusion project is progressing continuously with good hearing and hearing-impaired students in Hannover the art project, good listening and hearing impaired students from Hanover early February have started together. Currently, week after week, together to create works of art, which are visible and audible also meet 16 children. “” The project participants are all from […]

The Neurobiology

May 28th, 2019

Escape is not usually possible in the company and fighting will encounter in a conflict situation not always enthusiasm. The inner retreat is then often only as a way out. This emergency reaction is fatal for, companies: the Dataprozessing is through the distribution of Kortisolen and norepinephrine switched off to remain motionless as possible. Then, […]