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December 30th, 2017

The authors had concluded in its study randomizado with sixty and one volunteers, who the avocado consumption did not affect in significant way the sricas concentrations of lipdios.17 Evidenced that in 67% of the studied population, they had gotten reduction measured of 19,6% in the plasmticos levels of LDL. Colquhoun, Moores, Somerset et al, had […]

Amputated Experience

June 18th, 2017

After all the oldness is lived deeply of well personal form for each individual. The quality of life also is presented reduced in diabetic with bigger amputations (TENNVALL, 2000). However, incapacitated people can have good quality of life when they exceed limits and they obtain balance between mind, body and spirit (ALBRECHT, 1999). Feelings versus […]

AIDS: Ethics

May 17th, 2016

ETHICS AND the PROFESSIONAL OF HEALTH x CARRYING WOMEN OF AIDS OLIVEIRA. A.S. MOURA. T.G. PICO. V.S. Summary: The ethics have origin of the Greek thos (way of being), have as primordial concern the study of the voluntary facts of the man, acts these that are practised acquired knowledge after, also counting on analysis and […]

Communitarian Agent

March 22nd, 2014

3 – PROPOSAL: The present project has as proposal, the direct interconnection of the Control center of Zoonoses with the net of basic attention of the cities, specifically in relation to the Strategies of Health of the Family, as form to suppress the staff deficiency already demonstrated. to be able of this form to cure […]

The brief interventions allow to develop action as education for the alcohol, use of selection methods, basic orientaes, but feedback becomes necessary to create one and to emphasize the users of bigger sensitivity. Ahead of these data, the present study it searchs to identify to interventions applied in the shelter of nursing in relation the […]