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The search for a fling is for many an escape from the relationship “I’m a fling”-have ever tell the also to your partner? Or maybe intended? If Yes, then you are in good company. Because many relationship partners have ever thought the sentence “I’m looking for a fling” or also said. Often in affect, sometimes […]


January 7th, 2021

You can take courage and be comforted. They can handle, because they have gained many experience with anxiety and have a sense of, best all this as their fears, to appease them and to give them a helpful place. They know exactly whether they may need to be more strict with them or be rather […]

Amira Carolin Reuter

June 26th, 2017

We are pleased about the huge response, and at work we have always very touching moments”, Uli Schmitz reported. A few weeks ago, for example a one-year boy who heard the voice of his mother with the enabling of hearing aids for the first time, with large, luminous eyes certain you visited us. Another such […]