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Children Learning Languages

July 20th, 2017

Today we will talk about a subject that, perhaps, has acquired the greatest myths of all that is related to the study of languages, namely, how children learn languages. Here it means to master the native language of the child. How often have you heard how people complain about their unsuccessful attempts to learn a […]

In the study of business English is necessary to use a variety of techniques that allow most effectively master the skills of both spoken and written language. Teacher, making a lesson plan involves exercises to learn new material, repeat the previous topic, consolidating knowledge. When using the communicative method is desirable as to diversify the […]

Role Child

February 21st, 2017

The baby is very sensitive to the linguistic situation in which it is currently. So what is this "language situation" and how parents should respond to it. We give a simple example. Teacher with children held the name of any object. To do this by giving the children pictures of objects, asked: Who are you?. […]

Foreign languages – the best area where you can apply the mnemonic techniques, then there are various methods of storing information. Very often the knowledge of vocabulary is reduced to a problem to remember a complicated system of sounds and some way to link it with the word in their own language, but better – […]

Getting a Tutor

December 1st, 2011

Do not say, but without knowledge of foreign languages, and even more so without the knowledge of the English language in today's world there is very difficult, especially because technical progress is already so firmly embedded in our daily lives, that knowledge of English is simply no longer needed. However, this is well understood and […]