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Christian Taverner

July 4th, 2019

Everyone knows this an opponent: the inner pig dog, the little devil, who always manages to say you give is nothing else. So you are overweight people above all by itself over the table pulled and that’s where you must hook: the mental aspect of weight loss is also still today all too often neglected, […]

Only the least diets work. Why should we not follow so our ancestors? Have you tried also already pretty much every diet? No matter whether with membership at a diet group, a recipe program out of a magazine or a simple diet, where you simply eat less one? Let me guess, unfortunately your success never […]

Cosmetics Institute

May 8th, 2015

Also makeup should only be used again, when the skin has healed completely. Your beautician will explain after treating the normal precautions. How do I find the right Cosmetics Institute for permanent MakeUp? You should consult an experienced and certified Institute, which is in the cosmetics Association. The staff should be certified and trained beauticians. […]