Sustainable Development

Posted January 20th, 2016 by Suzy

one more time we ask in them is not the sustainable speech that nails to justice and the social equity? Then what he would explain situations as these reflected ones in Brazil and the world? The proposal is very good, but it has not functioned, at least not as it would have! If all really they acted in favor of the common good, the things could be until different, but in our days where the greed covets, it, the lack of ethical values reigns; never society where the money always says high more, project or proposal none function! She is as already she said G.F Days in Dimensions well human beings of global the ambient alterations: ' ' She is not that of a side they exist villainous and of another victims. All would be in better condition if each one considered the effect of its acts on excessively. But nobody is made use to believe that the others will act in this manner, and thus all continue to search its proper interesses' '. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: THE PANACEA OF ALL THE MALES? A clean world, ecologically balanced, healthful and equitable. You are the speech pronounced for the adepts of the call Sustainable Development. It would be this really possible one in our days? Ahead of an incompatible economic model with the dinmicoecolgico balance, and therefore of the reply given for the nature the intervention abruta of the man its components (through natural catastrophes: floods, tsunames, acid waves of heat, rains, etc). Authorities of the entire world recognize the emergencial necessity of reformularization of effective the economic and ideological model; it is as soon as appears the concept of sustainable development, considering a more rational and/or conscientious use of the natural resources, as the alternative more viable for containment and/or minimizao of the ambient impacts until then reigning. This ' ' new modelo' ' it also emphasizes the necessity of if taking in consideration in the analysis and equacionamento of problematic aspects others, as the social, cultural factors, politicians of each region Visa for this angle would modelopropostopoderia, it until being described as ' ' panacea of all males' ' , it was not for a small important detail: this the great world-wide powers are a idealized model together (capitalist, desumanas and exploring by its very nature).

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