Sustainable Development

Posted February 22nd, 2017 by Suzy

The Fourth Colony of Italian Immigration is situated in the region center of the state of the Rio Grande Do Sul, and is composed for nine cities, being they: Silveira Martins, Great Pine tree plantation, Faxinal of the Soturno, Owner Francisca, New Palm, Are Joo of the Polesine, Ivor, Restinga Seca and Agudo. In this region an established social construction in the European culture exists, in the typical gastronomia and in the religiosidade of the nine cities composes that it, this local peculiarity leads to the tourist exploitation of the region as development form and instigates many curiosidades of study, amongst them the agroindstrias that strenghten the economy of the region. The agroindstrias of the Fourth Colony if insert in the context of familiar agriculture, where strong &#039 exists an exploitation; ' natural' ' of knowing to make imbudo in the local culture, based in diversification of the property and hand of familiar workmanship. When dealing with these agricultural familiar agroindstrias (AFRs) one is not only about processing and improvement to foods, but all a system of social, cultural and economic matrix that turns around these. These agroindstrias of character, in its artisan majority, produce foods and must obey the current law to transmit security to the consumers. In view of tracing in the region alicerado sustainable development in the tourism and the cultural forms that if point out in the region it was elaborated in 1995 Project of Sustainable Development of the Fourth Colony, the PRODESUS, that makes possible the endogenous development of the region, that is, from the proper characteristics. A huge project to establish connection the nine cities through the tourism alavancado for the culture, gastronomia and typical religiosidade of the region. For viability of the project the reinforcement of the tourist structures is necessary, inns, restaurants, roads, points of entertainment, where amongst these structures they are to the agroindstrias of the Fourth Colony, that they report through the diverse colonial products a local culture.

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