Support Situation

Posted February 11th, 2018 by Suzy

It has shared the company of a friend who is passing a situation that makes feel emotionally fragile?It feels desire to support it and to contribute to that it surpasses the condition of that moment? I believe that the great majority of us yes, nevertheless in many occasions we have faced the situation of nonknowledge that to say or to make to collaborate and to serve our friend (a). In fact manuals do not exist or you formulate since the feelings and conditions of the surroundings are constantly money changers, reason why is recommendable to know some majorities advisable our behavior. Positive attitude. As customary questions as What so you are? How you feel? Feelings can to trigger different, based on form and moment in which we expressed (gestures, tone of voice, in prevailed or no, etc.) independent the case, our friend (u) needs to perceive that we interested in his situation, that we include/understand, that has us, also we respected that it. Reason why to maintain an attitude positive will be reflected in which tenth and like it tenth. It is important to clarify that the actions and words that we expressed will transmit what we felt, reason why we drink to make an effort to maintain a condition to us of positivismo.

It does not leave difficult situation it of his friend (a) changes his form to be related, it does not lose of view that continue having the virtues and defects make that it be the one who is; it avoids the use of inconvenient expressions and that they induce to feel like victim. In order to exemplify it phrases like: that Barbarian (a) like was able I cannot think that It learns to listen. To thus they taught it me and similarly one explains my children, " to hear is a thing very different from escuchar" The prudent thing is to allow that the person who is living a estresante situation relieves, does not interrupt it with empty phrases, listens with patience and tries to include/understand as it feels; with such patience that without reducing importance to him to its situation listens to its conversation time and time again.

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