Stephen Bebt

Posted August 25th, 2016 by Suzy

In September of 1863, Lincoln launched its announcement abolishing the slavery. All the war served as gear for the beginning of the war romance. Everything what until if it hid under the puritano mantle, desvela, the atrocities, the realism, herosmo of the combats is told. However it was not only one raw language, and yes a romance. Crane was the first one to all demonstrate herosmo of the soldier in war, fighting many times without knowing the reason, for reasons collective irrationals or. Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914) was specialized in stories of the civil war, being that its personages presented an ironic and marmrea language. Its heroes generally appear mounted in white horses, with its beautiful farda. Crane, in contrast, spoke in form of slangs as guessing the future romances of war.

Crane gave a new roupagem to the farewells, leaving the lamentoso tone that until then was in the romancista style, for a more rational way, where the notice of the farewell is given to the few, as form to prepare the receiving and to prevent the lamentations. Another characteristic its is that the heroes are presented as human beings that beyond sublime acts for its people, are people who possess fear. Crane sees the man true. It was with the civil war in the United States, that photograph, as well as Crane, also started to show the scenes that happened in the war, as dilacerados bodies, sangues spilled, that until then they were ignored. This influenced the whole world, what it was vulgarity, animalism, inadmissible it started to be accepted and to the few had as essential. In French literature he appears poilu, the desgrenhoso and bearded soldier, substituting the figurino celebrity to militate.

The pen in the cap lost prestige for the ones for the ones of the beard and the dirt marks. The poetry also had prominence, and the civil war gave inspiration to the Stephen Bebt (1898? 1943) with the Jonh poem Brown? s Body. It made the complete trajectory of the slavery, since the slave ships that had given beginning to it. Possua however a light style to portray this subject, however a philosophical style. Abraham Lincoln is the historical figure more times invoked in all the fiction of the war. With woollen its xale on the shoulders, it always appears in poems bringing patia and ternura. Also in the Jonh poem Brown? s Body, also worried about the future of the country. Other poets as Carl Sandburg, Vachel Lindsay, also portray the figure of Lincln as a hero.

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