State Work

Posted May 1st, 2018 by Suzy

In the track of this historical evolution, it has origin the Theory of the Relations Human beings, whose bigger expression is represented by the studious Elton Mayo, that appears face to the necessity of if humanizar and democratizing the administration, freeing it of the rigid standards established for the Classic Theory, adjusting it the life of the American people, who can be represented team spirit. Harmony and union between the people are the forces of organization 3. According to Professor Bianor Scelza Cavalcanti, 4 the behavior of the individuals and the activities for played them are determined by the environment where they are inserted. From there the necessity to implant a management of people inside of the organizations that improves the environment, so that the objectives are successful. Differently of the private initiative, the public organizations do not aim at the profit, but, the common good, and the servers who compose its structures must equally be benefited.

The appraised modern sociologist, Di Masi, on the politics of job in the United States, citing a commentary of Taylor says: If we had to assume a deaf person for the work for which it is necessary to hear, a lame where it is necessary to run, I would disobey to the State. The enterprise paper is not to make Christian charity. However, I can calmly assume a blind person for a job in which the eyes are not necessary. (The Creative cio, Domenico de Masi, following P. 16 and). In industrial society occurs, then, three types of changes & ndash; the discovery of new energy sources, a new division of the work and a new organization of the power & ndash; as it cannot have capital without work and work without capital, thousands of people if move of its houses for plants. These people who until then worked in its homes or fields, beyond also modifying its proper rhythm of production had modified the affective relations with the others, with the quarter where they lived and with its proper house.

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