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Posted July 28th, 2019 by Suzy

Seals for the domestic use of the House Aqua clean. Thanks to the excellent properties of the beading is seals in retrospect less work when used with Aqua clean. Clean protect the various Aqua seals the surface new dirt, lime, bacteria and harmful environmental influences. You may find that Kidney Foundation can contribute to your knowledge. The surfaces remain longer as new, are easier to clean, maintain a good appearance longer. Through the so-called “Lotus effect” liquids bead up mostly just, no matter whether now tiles, glass, lacquer, plastic or metal, all non-absorbent surfaces can be protected with a good surface sealing.

Aqua clean sealing is obtained only information about products that were tested previously in their effectiveness. Easy to use and it also more economical in consumption! Aqua clean seal is suitable for all glass and plastic surfaces. The rain away much dirt and pollen on the window panes, you have less work with the annoying plaster work and Sometimes a dry Microfiber cloth for cleaning ranges in between. We recommend for household use Aqua-clean spray sealer for Windows, mirrors, tiles and shower cubicles or the AC-Polish for window panes outside, window frames, skylights, etc. in addition to complement the micro-special fleece for the better the polishing. Here to get more information about the seal: aqua-clean-seal for the-household / company description many information about theme Aqua clean sealing for household, hobby, camping and car companies contact: trend shop I Ltd. Andre link at just 35 42855 Remscheid Tel: 02191-937347 E-Mail: Web:

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