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Posted February 28th, 2021 by Suzy

Sudden cardiac death – an unshakable fate? Brachttal-Udenhain (hop) – also the Udenhainer should have in future better survival rates for sudden cardiac death. For Helmut Hohn asking for group Udenhain by the German Red Cross donations from companies, associations and private individuals. Sudden cardiac death occurs in the Act of nitrogene, so without any warning. It occurs not only in old or members of risk groups, no, everyone can be at any time to the victims, whether infant or young people, men or women. While the survival rate by 10 percent reduces every minute, that unused passes.

People die nationwide more than 140 000, although up to 75 per cent of these deaths easily could have been saved, they would each year within the first 3 treated 5 minutes. After about 5 minutes no longer recoverable brain damage occurs after 8 to 10 minutes without resuscitation of the patient is usually no longer to save. In a best-case scenario the rescuers need to Udenhain but at least until 8 minutes, it may be even longer. So, this therapy-free time must be bridged. While the conventional cardio pulmonary resuscitation in the case is not enough unfortunately, the only effective treatment is the electrical stimulation of the heart, called defibrillation for sudden cardiac death. This a targeted surge puts the heart from outside, which synchronizes the heart’s own electric stimulus line system come out of step again.

Equipment with which it is possible to say short defibrillator defi. Today, the latest Defigeneration is constructed so that also the first responders on the ground can easily bypass and therefore very effective parent life work. The goal by Helmut Hohn and colleagues Udenhainer is to create a defi for the village, which centrally outside attached faces the Red Detachment at his home place to bridge this survival but drug-free time to first rescue available. Already donated a large amount, it missing but still around 3 000 euros for the purchase of this lifesaver for Udenhainer citizens. The Rotkreuzler try with calls and leaflets calling for donations to the villagers.

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