Silva Souza

Posted September 20th, 2017 by Suzy

I am making an accusation and I go to arrest to it! continued, in the certainty of that the sergeant and the soldier were vigilant. This man is what he comes manipulating the public money. We know that the function of the bursar is to emit checks of the accounts that arrive to them at the hands. The movement, therefore, of Forma bills of sale and all papelada they related are specific attributions of the accountant, want to say, the accountant are the spring master not only of the City hall as of all the economic sectors. From there, for this reason, I want at this moment to declare in the presence of the highest authorities of Golden Mountain range that Mr.

Claudino Da Silva Souza is imprisoned for fraud, corruption, fraud, bribe and other crimes correlatos that will be imputed to it. She now remains to know who killed Euclides, Epaminondas and Fulgncio. He would have been its Alfonso? It was in the city hall working in the coordination of the campaign. It shoots well excessively pra to make right the shots of that distance and assumes the characteristics of suspicious, seno, sees. Its Alfonso wise person who the Euclides was of ownership of a secret and that it would go to disclose. Its Alfonso was in the city hall in the hour of the crime, therefore the Euclides was going pra there to count what wise person. But they had other people who did not have to know of the truth. Its Alfonso said Mr. Governador who the Epaminondas dies poisoned for a drug injected with a syringe in the orange next, thing that until today nobody made reference and nor the least cogitated of such hypothesis. However, as a person would be detainer of as many information without being involved directly with the crimes? I did not want to believe its guilt, but he did not have ways to acquit it.

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