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Posted September 10th, 2017 by Suzy

Bluesnarfing carried out in order to get information from a mobile device – the address book, received SMS, the list of outgoing calls. Blutracking aims to track user's movement mobile gadget. The compound of this technology with GPRS hacking navigation provides ample opportunities for surveillance. Serious blow to the security of Bluetooth is device was applied after the hackers have developed and begun to use the Hub and Signal Software allowed as a result of producing access protocol Bluetooth is through the walls of buildings and at large distances. The most relaxed device during the data exchange. It is at such moments included Bluetooth protocol active communicates performance information and is available for the hacker. Bluetooth protocol, according to the documentation, makes it possible to communicate at a distance of no more than 15 meters.

Naturally this is not enough for a hacker – difficult to run after the object of breaking and on the go to work. This lack of hackers tweaked very quickly – a simple revision of the antenna device and bluetooth-gun running up to 1,5 kilometers. Such power Bluetooth-rifle allows an attacker to monitor the victim from a safe distance. Bluetooth-snipers have organized their own forums on the Internet, where the share hacking techniques. Customers on materials from the memory of mobile devices has always enough.

Very much it would be important to get a list of phone memory of politicians, big businessmen and even competitors in business. Is it possible to prevent hacking Bluetoth in your gadget? In fact, if you do not use active Bluetooth headset or other Blutooth devices that require constant inclusion Blutooth, then simply turn off the Bluetooth is not forget the device. This is the most well-known bug – after an exchange of information necessary the user just in a hurry does not turn off Bluetooth in the cell and a result can become a victim of burglary. Regularly update the drivers for their mobile devices – at least for finding developers try to close the most dangerous security holes. Do not agree to receive data from unknown device, how could they not been offered so tempting. Keep on your mobile device information, which should not fall into the wrong hands. And never Pairing your device with a stranger – this is the case when random links are very dangerous.

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