Shipbuilding Corporation

Posted October 1st, 2015 by Suzy

Modern shipbuilding infrastructure in Japan allows you to build ships of all appointments. In this case, special emphasis is on high quality products high as the operating parameters of vessels. South Korea's share of global shipbuilding orders portfolio, according to the British agency Clarkson, was in recent years 36% – 38%. Today, the leadership of the shipbuilding corporations in South Korea believes that the level of orders in 2007 will be significantly lower than before, for example, in 2006. In the last 10 – 12 years in third place, followed by Japan and South Korea, the world shipbuilding industry is China. According to "Renmin Ribao" in China has 9 yards, where you can build ships up to 300 thousand tons displacement. Including the fifth generation container vessels, carrying 5,400 and 5,600 standard containers. In 2005, China had built, according to various It is estimated that 15% – 20% of the world's ships (10 million tons of total tonnage).

By 2010, this quantity on Chinese plans to grow to 15 million tons. Experts are of the Chinese shipbuilding industry such competitive advantages as cheap labor. However, this factor does not play a promising role. Podnakopit forces Chinese ship builders in recent times are more focused on innovative technologies and its own high-tech development. Thus, the power available to the world's largest manufacturers of ships willing to exert pressure on the Russian market orders new civil courts, thereby greatly complicate the future work of the "Joint Shipbuilding Corporation. all As already noted, the Russian shipbuilding industry in the short term focused on construction of vessels designed to ensure production and transportation of marine mineral resources, primarily hydrocarbons.

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