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Posted November 4th, 2015 by Suzy

If politicians, politicos and journalists I will constantly agitate of the “box” to love their homeland, telling about how this patriotic, it would affect me ten times less than a good, kind, romantic song about the beauty of our nature, kindness and sensitivity of people. I think the same thing true for most people. Why? Yes, because the first way – through the consciousness, and the second – through the emotions. A love for the Motherland – is an emotion, the subconscious mind. That is, music, songs, acting directly! Successful formula of power – to give people “Bread and circuses!” And one more bit cynical, but it proved thousands of years of world history thesis – especially for statesmen, patriots and philanthropists who want to minimum costs continue to be statesmen, patriots and philanthropists.

Successful at all times had the power (regardless of level – local, regional or central), who is able to provide the basic needs of people, that is giving them “bread and circuses!”. Spectacles were selected from so as to educate people in the right napravleniiPrichem spectacle were selected so as to educate people in the spirit, it is advantageous to the rulers. For example, in ancient Rome in the Colosseum staged gladiator fights for education of the nation’s soldiers – and achieved great success. For tolerance, humility, respect for the rule of law and rules of social life (which ultimately ensures public safety) was developed by a number of Religions are built hundreds of thousands Dorothy temples, in which a huge staff of priests, rabbis, mullahs and other religious dignitaries have implemented the requirement of “spectacle”. On security, not economics. And these costs were too quite effective. I think, largely due to religions of mankind can still not only survive but also achieve substantial progress.Ito-go, as an attempt to present a summary of key messages, revealing that do statesmen, patriots, patrons, devotees of new music and lyrics: Realizing the spent centuries the doctrine of the state and its security “bread and circuses!” stimulate the process creation, promotion and popularization of new high-quality songs, and abilities through the emotions have a positive impact on the masses Lyndsey.S this end, the “greenhouse” for talented writers of music and songs, with by which they could, not caring about the material side of the issue, as realized, unfold, blossom, give the talent the whole society.

Costs are on state standards, paltry. “Greenhouse” conditions for talented people to create, because they have a talent that in such circumstances will the state of mind and stability, and we all enjoy, delight, happiness, love, kind, friendly relations between search problem, developing new talent, as well as producing, promotional recognized the songwriters and music should ideally be taken by the state. While the patriots, patrons, devotees of the new Music and songs can also (albeit on a smaller scale) that successfully .Spasibo that were with me I love all and wish you happiness, love and beautiful music. The author of the new music and romantic songs about love, composer, poet Vladimir Sayt: This article may be freely reproduced, displayed and distributed in electronic form on any site provided that all direct links to the site and preserve the block information.

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