Setting And Achieving Goals

Posted May 22nd, 2017 by Suzy

Artem Melnyk holds a master class on ‘How to set goals to achieve them! ” Theme was timely and very useful. As a result, ensuing any unexpected questions: What if the goals are not achieved? How to behave? Where to gather energy for next time? Responses had to search the baggage of my knowledge. Pair days ago, I participated in another training course, entitled ‘Does our environment for our success?’. One of the tasks was quite unusual: – Within 3 minutes it was necessary to compile a list of 5 people with whom I associate.

– Then, you had to write approximate amount of income each person from this list. – The next thing to do was to find the arithmetic mean of the number of these revenues (ie, add five numbers and divide by five) resulting figure was approximately is the same as my monthly income. The conclusion is obvious: if you want to increase your income – communicate with people with the income that you would like to have, ie, with successful people. And now look, with whom you communicate. It’s really those people to whom you want to be like? These are the people whose advice you follow? These are the people talking to whom, you inspire and ready to act? I think that the questions you answered yes, and you know what I I say. Do not waste your time on people who you dislike. Communicate and share with the people who love you, positive and open! Remember that your environment shapes your future and financial well!

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