San Valentin

Posted August 14th, 2012 by Suzy

Valentin acquires to protect to the enamored ones and to support secret weddings the great prestige in all the city and is called by the emperor Claudius II to know him. The priest takes advantage of that one visit to make propaganda of the Christian religion and to convince the emperor so that she follows the passages of Jesus. Although at first Claudius II felt attracted by that one religion that the same Romans persecuted, the soldiers and the own Governor of Rome forced to him to stop and organized a campaign against Valentin. The Roman emperor changed of opinion and ordered the governor of Rome that processed the priest. The mission to condemn had to the priest to take I finish it the lieutenant, Asterius.

This one, when it was in front of the priest, made fun of of the Christian religion and wanted to on approval put Valentin. It asked to him if he would be able to give back the view to one of his daughters who were blind of birth. The priest accepted and in the name of the Gentleman she built the miracle. The lieutenant and all their family became to the Christianity but they could not free Valentin of its martyrdom. San Valentin was executed 14 of February. While he was locked up, his jailer asked that he gave classes him to his Julia daughter, with together lessons and hours, Valentin fell in love with the girl. The eve of its execution, sent a note of goodbye to the girl in whom it signed with words " of your Valentn" , of there the origin of letters of love and poems that are sent the enamored ones at present and of the expression of goodbye " From Your Valentine" ; well-known anywhere in the world it encloses in thousands of postal of San Valentin. The history of San Valentin would have been there if not outside because two centuries later Church recovered the catholic it.

At that time it was tradition between the adolescents to practice a peculiar pagan celebration derived from the rites in honor of the God Lupercus, God of the fertility that was celebrated day 15 of February. It was a drawing by means of which each boy chose the name of a young person who would become his companion of diversion during a year. Santa Sede wanted to end this pagan celebration and canonized to San Valentin like landlord of the enamored ones. The body of San Valentin is conserved at the moment in the Basilica of its same name that is located in the Italian city of Terni. Each 14 of February an act of commitment on the part of different pairs is celebrated in this temple that want to be united the following year in marriage. It is like would be, San Valentin one has become the landlord of all the enamored and all those people who want to have a pair. The retailers have become echo of this festival they have turned and it into a perfect day to increase the sales. Flowers, postal, poems of love, dedications, chocolates and gifts of all type are realised this day to the loved being to demonstrate to their love and friendship. Original author and source of the article.

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