Saints Centres

Posted January 25th, 2014 by Suzy

angel Calleja 20 m capital centres and municipalities star closures and protests by the measures announced by President Ignacio Gonzalez. The last to join have been Ramon y Cajal and Hospital Clinic. The community will deliver to companies the health management of six hospitals and 10 per cent of health centres, as well as implement the euro per recipe. Health will be moving again. For the first time since the protests in 2008 against which was regional health advisor, Juan Jose Guemes, workers of all large hospitals in the community of Madrid have reached agreement to mobilize against the privatizations in the health system announced by the regional President, Ignacio Gonzalez, and counselor of the bouquet, Javier Fernandez-Lasquetty. The last to join have been at the Hospital Universitario Ramon y Cajal, Clinico San Carlos and La Paz. This Tuesday, and aside from management teams, their assemblies of workers approved closures and daily protests at the gates with which denounce measures which, they say, they mermaran the quality of the Madrid health. On 31 October, eve of all Saints bridge, Gonzalez presented budgets for 2013.

They contain a cut of 1.424 billion euros that takes a hard fit sanitary rigged to save. Measures to achieve this include the introduction of the euro by recipe and the transfer to the private initiative of 10% of the regional health centres. In addition, several hospitals will change completely its services. The Instituto de Cardiologia close directly, thus being the first public hospital that dispenses with the PP. Six other health management (Infanta Eleanor, Infanta Sofia, Infanta Cristina, Henares, Southeast and Tajo) privatize, which will imply a shift of its professional staff to other regional centres, the dismissal of the interns that cover those squares and their relocation, as a lesser evil, at the service of the new managers private with lower wages and worse working conditions.

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