Russian Circassians Citizenship

Posted March 22nd, 2020 by Suzy

To us the Editor received a curious document – a draft of Nalchik in August 2012 "Circassian World Summer Goodwill Games." The project was presented at the Congress of Public Organization "Adyghe Hase" chairman "Union of Abkhazian Volunteers of the CBD" Alexei Bekshokovym. Everything looks beautiful, noble. At first glance. But a close reading of the draft raises many questions begin with, that the very holding of the Olympics on mono-grounds contrary to the spirit of the international Olympic movement, which are intended initiator revival of the Olympic Games, Baron Coubertin must unite, unite people, not isolate them. In November 1892 a Frenchman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin gave a public lecture at the University of Paris' Olympic renaissance "in which he said in conclusion his famous phrase:" You have to make an international sport, it is necessary revive the Olympic Games! ". Therefore, these contests can be called Circassian Entertainment Games, but not the Olympic. I am sure that in this case, the International Olympic Committee will be against the use of the words "Olympics" and the Olympic symbols, such precedents have already been.

Too many beautiful bindings in the project to the characters. Since Adygeyan 12 stars, then the event is scheduled for 2012, 12 days in 12 sports! Here is a list of these types: 1. Football 2. Wrestling 3. Greco-Roman wrestling 4. National Circassian belt wrestling 5. Judo 6.

Box 7. Martial arts (kick-boxing, taekwondo, karate) 8. Volleyball 9. Basketball 10. Horse mileage 11. Weightlifting. 12. Athletics. I wonder on what basis we selected these 12 sports? If the principle of ancestral Adyghe sports, what does it have to judo and eastern martial arts? And the kick-boxing, tae kwon do and karate – these are different kinds of sports, not to the same Olympics. So the symbolism is broken – not 12 different kinds of turns.

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