Runet Resources

Posted October 27th, 2015 by Suzy

Internet medicine sees the user and the user does not see the Internet medicine – to such conclusion experts of the medical profile online – Agency Med Craft (), conduct their research in the medical Runet. In result, they developed a material that gives an idea of typical errors of medical resources and provides an answer to the three most pressing issues: he wants to medical web sites the user why medical sites not “work” and what they should be that the visitor wanted to use them. Who and what they want from health care resources. Med Craft experts found that over 80% of the audience of medical Runet looking at it, above all, help information. And only 20% ready to go for help (usually on the basis of previously received advice or information from the press). 80% – prefer at this appeal to the paid medicine (but older people are looking for The resources of public health facilities).

More than 70% – for various reasons do not trust the information on the web, as well as have no idea what brands exist in the medical industry and medical resources among Runet. If other sectors of the web has its own “key” thematic resources, the medical Runet difficult to distinguish. Since the total mass – is a huge number of narrow-purpose sites, targeting different audiences, often with fundamentally conflicting interests: doctors, patients, purchasers, just for the medical users.

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