Roman Republic

Posted August 27th, 2015 by Suzy

Gaius Julius Caesar is one of the most famous figures of ancient history. Most of all he is known as an outstanding leader and statesman, but Caesar among other things was also a great jurist, excellent public speaker and excellent writer. Rhode Julio was an ancient patrician by birth, who led his ancestry from Aeneas and Venus. Caesar received an excellent education in youth manifested itself in the war in Asia Minor, for which he was awarded the "laurel wreath" (similar to the star of Hero of the Soviet Union) and became the youngest member of the Senate in the history of Rome. However, in view of the political system of the Roman Republic, which imposes an age limit on occupation of high-level government positions, Caesar and forty years remained in the shadow of the major political events that take place in the Roman Republic. Having reached the age laid the ambitious Caesar, put forward his candidature for the post of consul of Rome. In order to become consul Caesar entered into an alliance with the powerful while Pompey, as well as the richest man in the Roman Republic – Crassus, Pompey promised to spend some of his legislation in the Senate. But the real glory of Caesar came later.

Each consul of ancient Rome, upon the expiration of his consulship, had to get in control of certain provinces of the country. Caesar had his destination in Gaul, with the right to maintain their own legions. It was in Gaul, he became famous as an outstanding leader, having managed to conquer vast areas of the Gallic tribes. Caesar's victory over the Gauls made it famous both among soldiers and officers, as well as among Roman citizens and allowed him to start a fight for sole power in Rome.

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