Rio San Juan

Posted June 2nd, 2013 by Suzy

Summary what is what makes it interesting to the San Juan River? What does it involve? With so much interest? What are their characteristics? What your scope, benefits offered? What is your dispute with Costa Rica?, would be some questions that arise and which involve namely which involves this river in mainland Centroamericanazo and especially for Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans. Some notes informational, scope and interest is not from now but for many years, which has been given a dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua over navigation on the San Juan River, to the end that almost to terminate it, tension, until the end of appeal to international agencies, OAS in this case to intervene and avoid bigger problems has arisen again in 2010. Costa Rica has denounced alleged incursions into its territory by soldiers of Nicaragua once this country began dredging operations of the San Juan River, which has sovereignty to those who them interested in international law, and all this kind of conflict is important to determine its scope, having some background on what represents the Rio San Juan. The Secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, will travel to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to look for the Governments of both countries to talk around a conflict that kept by a border river. Nicaragua complained because his neighbor, which has no army, sent dozens of police officers to the border. In this opportunity we have selected some notes about which help to evaluate.

For this purpose we have respected their sources of information. The main city of the area and departmental capital is San Carlos, located at the exact point of the birth of the River from the Lake of Nicaragua. The city (whose origin dates back to 1527) is small and rustic, but has the means to cater to visitors: hotels, lodgings, restaurants, eateries, cafes.

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