Revolution Or Coup In Egypt?

Posted February 6th, 2021 by Suzy

Military Council Egypt Announces after protests presidential election Yes, at this point the word of the revolution in Egypt has fallen – caution hortatory in addition to all and the notes on the role of the Egyptian military. And as far as it is true indeed: it was the people on Cairo’s Tahrir square, which brought the stone of upheaval in the role. But that Egypt actually was able to get rid of his eternal President Mubarak, was never possible without the swirl of the military. To broaden your perception, visit Prevent Cancer Foundation. Now the choice is made in Egypt after many, contrary to many hymns of joy expected setbacks for the country’s young democracy movement clearly: what has taken place in Egypt, was a kind of revolution, a real coup of the power, if not the relations of production, or just a simple military coup with popular participation, so as not to say: folklore? Amnesty International: Human rights violations worse than before that the Almighty in Egypt still always near military Council under field marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi not even thought to return limited now no longer even by the Mubarak-clan rule over the country, had become abundantly clear over the past few weeks. Last black on white, as the Transitional Government of Egypt – currently little more than a puppet of the military – presented a draft of the Constitution, not curtailed the power of the generals, but should cement. On the road, yet again brutal actions of the army against the ongoing protests, which have taken place, yet always every day protest for a democratic Egypt.

Amnesty International was quoted even with the statement that the human rights violations in Egypt are now more serious than they were during Mubarak’s. Military Council Egypt Announces after protests presidential election to well over 30 dead demonstrators speak a clear language in this week alone and yet – as a self-confessed pessimists in political things we surprised even the most – the final decision in favour of the military has not fallen in Egypt yet. 100,000 people on the streets of Cairo, who protested on Tuesday against the de facto military dictatorship, have forced at least an explanation of Tantawi. Whether it announced handover of power to a civilian Government are pure appeasement for next June, must be reflected. But the point is that a body that probably most likely to compare would be in his mind with a DDR Politburo, politically no longer can afford to ignore mass protests or completely to shoot down and that in itself is an amazing development. Whether the coup in Egypt was indeed a revolution, is today not more likely than in the spring, yet you would like to call to the Egyptians: do not give up. Andreas Kellner…

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