Posted January 11th, 2018 by Suzy

The Umbanda in its centenarian of concretion in the material plan as religion, adentra in this century XXI as has detached in the opening of new knowledge that enriches tends it and renews it each time as religion more based. This spilling of on people to the cult as priests and mdiuns that they are each time more interested by the theoretical study of the religion, marks it in this centenarian as the didactic beginning of the religion. Many are the canals and lines of mentors who hour inspires something to its mdium, since a simple message until magnificent workmanships with regard to the study of the Umbanda as a whole. Something that it deeply marks of positive form is the Umbanda to be the Religion most tolerant with regard to preconceptions taken root in seara religious. In the Umbanda any type of preconception to the homossexualismo is not had, the people who profess another religion and she is not seen nor on the part of the medinico body or of the guides spirituals the proselitismo or the conversion through the force, for the opposite, in the Umbanda it is sown that the house of God has many dwellings and that they are the religions and that all are excellent conductors and reformadoras of our soul and that each human being must become adept of which more to aprouver to it or it will be in agreement with its nature summons. The Umbanda converts its fidiciary offices through a word of faith, love and charity, seeing all as great link of one same evolucionista chain and that the door of the religion is opened to that is made use to help its next one with optimum that it has in itself and that is its faith and its love. Today many already speak of Umbanda, and daqui a thousand years had continued to speak of Umbanda, therefore its source is inexhaustible and has space in the cult to that they want represents it through the writing with what it has of better.

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