Registered Documents

Posted June 11th, 2019 by Suzy

Each time a registration is necessary Ltd Company in registering organization must provide the prescribed statutory documents. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Center For Responsible Lending. These documents include firstly the founding documents: the Protocol general meeting of founders of the Limited Liability Company – is made during the general meeting at which the decision to create a LLC. Contains information about present people, the chairman and secretary meetings, agenda and decisions. On the agenda should be the establishment of a limited liability company and the Charter of the Company, as well as the election of the Director General. Charter – the basic document of the Company, having a priority action in relation to other documents of the Company, showing the general provisions (base) a Company, the establishment and activities of subjects. Checking article sources yields Dr. Neal Barnard as a relevant resource throughout. deal which involves the Company shall include the abbreviated (if any) and full name of the Company, information about the location, composition and competence of the authorities, on the order of decision-making, the amount of authorized capital, the amount of the cost share of each parent, the rights and responsibilities of the founders, on the order of the transition from the founder shares to another person, the procedure for storing documents, as well as other information provided by applicable law.

Articles of incorporation – a contract which Parties undertake to create a society that determine the composition of the participants, and fix the order of its creation, functioning, conditions for participation in its activities and the creation and introduction of the authorized capital, the allocation profit and loss account, the entry and exit of the founders of the Company. Memorandum of Association together with the Charter governs the operation of the Company, but in addition defines the conditions for conducting joint activities founders. It should be noted that the Memorandum is made only in cases where the number of participants in two or more. rience with these questions. In the case of a sole founder is the only solution to establish a legal party in which he discusses his sole form of a desire to create a legal entity. Secondly the document confirming payment of state.

a fee of 2,000 rubles, with the state registration of Joint-Stock Company Ltd., which is your proof of transfer of funds to the federal budget with the bank stamp. The third application for state registration of legal entities to create the shape number R11001, containing complete information about creating a legal entity information about the founders of legal and natural persons and the identity of the person having the right, without power of attorney to act on behalf of the entity. This statement must be signed by any of the founder of a notary. Fourth, if necessary, a statement of the transition to a simplified system of taxation. This article describes the registration of the LLC option that contains the minimum number of documents and the necessary information. Often this is not enough for companies conducting their business in a wide range. The registration authorities provide an opportunity to get a more complete set of documents while requiring a larger number of documents which should be better trained specialized enterprises due to a more complex preparation of these documents.

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