Reformation Politics

Posted April 25th, 2016 by Suzy

Of my point of view, it would have to be divided in equal values between all the candidates of each party to prevent the privileges that occur with current the deep partisan. Which the guarantee that is had of that the deep one for public financing of campaigns does not go to be deviated by the chieftains who, find owner of the political parties? The question that if places, therefore, at this moment, is much more complex, because it is not only and mere about the substitution of the Deep Partisan for a public financing of campaigns, seno also, and mainly, for the instrument of the listo of names. To the light of the reason, this reform (of the form as lead until then), only comes to reaffirm what all already know; the reinforcement of the oligarchies politics that dominate in the partisan spheres and the guarantee of its elections and its supported politicians, representing the reactivation of the great anguish that the Brazilian citizen feels when seeing for the television the swaggering that is made with the honorary public delineated in the National Congress, having the possibility of, with this, to still more reactivate the incredulity that the population has with the politicians and, consequently, the weakness of the fragile Brazilian democracy. By the way, if democracy in the molds capitalist bourgeois was ideal model of if to make politics, the bourgeois elite would not support. One of the great problems of the Reformation Politics she is thus, to establish the beddings of this new order, to justify it as the true principle of democratic advance, in opposition to the current model where great companies or people with suspicious interests for backwards, finance a great number of candidates in such a way discarding, candidates with collective and social commitments. She treats yourself, therefore, to show that, although the theories of the speeches to nail a thing and, after elect, make others. In such a way, she is possible to formulate academic theories where it goes to give to such famous partisan list proposal for these to spend of the petty politics, that legislates in proper cause.

She is necessary to prevent that they come to occur with this Reformation Politics, the same vices practised in the present time, that is, that the organized civil society or if does not oppose the more this crime against the fragile Brazilian democracy. That a reform serious politics is necessary, we do not have doubts mainly if to come folloied with a transparent and compromised public financing with the socialization of all the electoral process. Thus it will only be able to have the support of the society as a whole, not being thus, is necessary to be fought in all its space between lineses. representing reativa politicians, uias polacham owner of the parties polar regions the candidates of each party to prevent the privil Professor, Graduated Filosofia (UCSAL/2000), Specialist in Educao (UNEB/2003), Special Pupil of Mestrado (UNEB). >

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