Recognized Borders

Posted April 27th, 2016 by Suzy

Hello. Again here with you, in nuuestro previous article published an article that I found very interesting, now let’s analyze a little bit, and so we learn together.Doctors in Birmingham United Kingdom is planning clinical evidence of a serious but little-known autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s syndrome, which affects about half a million people in the United Kingdom. Sjogren’s syndrome does not recognize borders, and no matter race, colour, social status or attacks regardless of whether you’re Hispanic, American, Japanese, if you’re rich or poor.Note that this news comes to confirm what both have commented here. Sjogren’s syndrome is a little-known disease.That every day we are more people diagnosed with this disease…Our voices are are starting to listen, gradually increasing slowly chew the doctoresy scientists are doing more awareness about the syndrome of Sjogren.Nuevos advances, new discoveries, and new drugs are being tested to fight this disease. In Sjogren’s syndrome the body attacks its own tissues, especially the tear glands and salivary glands, causing dryness of the mouth and eyes, and also extreme fatigue, and the participation of other internal organs.

Why is referred to as an autoimmune disease…Another paragraph that I thought it was important to analyze is as follows…Now Dr. Simon Bowman, a rheumatologist consultant at Selly Oak Hospital, which has a special interest in Sjogren’s syndrome, has been awarded close to $1 million in medical research charity Arthritis Research from the United Kingdom to perform a drug test which expects that it could improve treatment. You realize this means that both scientists and other people are taking into account this disease, there is interest both within medicine by taxpayers with their donations to find new expectation to combat this disease, or at least help us to improve your quality of life still living with the Sjogren’s syndrome. Dr. Bowman, who headed a small pilot study in Sjogren’s two years ago, now has recruited up to 110 patients in hospitals around the country in a clinical trial comparing large scale rituximab versus placebo in improving dryness and fatigue.

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