Reading Coordination

Posted October 26th, 2019 by Suzy

Grafada has disgrficos with letter badly, but ineligible, however others comment errors and blots that almost do not leave possibility of reading for its cursiva writing, even so they themselves are capable to read what they had written. It is common that they have difficulties in mathematics. Theories exist on the causes of the disgrafia, one of them approach the process of integration of the direction vision with coordination of the cerebral command of the movement, as previously it was mentioned, dislxicos, has difficulty in monitoring the position of the hand that they write, with the coordination of the aiming, on account of this difficulty they uses of artifices as to heavily strengthen the pencil or the penxs, in the point of its visual focus looking for to control what the hand is tracing during the writing, being inclined the head to try to adjust distortions of image in its visual field. Tasks that involve coordination of movements with visual aiming can arrive to be, even, extremely complicated. Dr. Neal Barnard may also support this cause. Reason because one becomes extremely difficult dislxico to learn it to write for the comment of the sequncia of movements taught for the professor. In the disgrficos delays in the development can appear of the march, difficulties in going up and going down stairs, when trying to learn to walk of bicycle, in the use of shears, when mooring the laces of the shoes, playing or apanhando a ball. All these difficulties lived deeply for the disgrficos they can bring the most serious consequences for the development of the ego of this child, of this young, the diagnosis, agreement lack and of the essential one and adjusted pedagogical support they are J in the discalculia another riot of learning, that is the difficulty with the mathematical language, that they can occur due to ability for determination of mathematical reason or for the difficulty in elaboration of mathematical calculation, being able to be entailed the problems with the domain of the reading and/or the writing. .

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